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ECLOUD hosted email solutions save time and money. The in house IT department is changing. Emails running on an internal in house email Server will cost your business more time, more money, and more hassles. In 2014 and 2015 most organisations will move their email services to a Cloud based hosted solution.
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Your emails get through

No more hassle of bounce backs and non-delivery of emails.

Not reliant on the internet

Your email still comes to your mobile devices if your office internet
goes down.

No licencing and upgrade costs

Move to a Cloud based email system and never worry about hardware, software or installation time again.

Shared Calendars

Share your calendars between staff and colleagues

Enterprise Security

Be confident that your incoming and outgoing emails are scanned for viruses, malware, and SPAM.

Disaster Recovery

Your email stays up and running if a disaster strikes.

Collaboration of devices

Seamlessly connect all mobile, desktop, and laptop machines quickly with the latest email setup technologies.

Store files in the Cloud

Store and share files up there in the Cloud


ECLOUD provides state of the art hosted email solutions from Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps for Business. Cloud-based hosted email provides opportunities for businesses to reduce cost and increase business performance.

Transform Your Business With ECLOUD’s Cloud-Based Hosted Email Services:

Cloud-based hosted email provides opportunities for businesses to reduce cost and increase business performance.

Save time and money

Instead of replacing or updating your old email server, hosted Cloud email eliminates the need to buy equipment, software and licencing, reducing upfront costs up to 60%. Maintenance and updates are included and happen automatically.

Scale Freely

Cloud based hosted Email is a quick, affordable solution to organisational growth. You can seamlessly add users across multiple locations on the same system to meet rapid business requirements.

Connect Employees

No matter where your employees are located, ECLOUD’s hosted email system services unite them anywhere in the world.

Rely on ECLOUD Support

Support you can count on. Our support team is available when you need.

ECLOUD Email Pricing Summary: (pricing starts from)

  • Microsoft Office 365 Hosted Email Service

    Per mailbox | Includes team site file sharing

    $7.50 p/month
  • Setup Installation Service

    (per mailbox)

    $100 per user mailbox | $500 per domain
  • Google Apps for Business

    (per mailbox)

    $10 per user per month

All pricing excludes GST and needs to be confirmed at time of order.