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ECLOUD's Cloud Phone Services and Voice solutions are not bound by the norms and restrictions of days-past, with physical phone lines and PABX’s but harnesses the latest Internet technology to bring feature-rich and innovative solutions to businesses at revolutionary prices. Cloud Voice means that you no longer need to have a physical PBX phone system, completely eliminating the upfront cost of a traditional phone system while also increasing portability and flexibility.
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Next-generation Cloud Voice solutions for Business. With endless features:

Access from phone anywhere in the world



Voicemail to Email

IP Softphone Support

Analogue Telephone Adapter (ATA) support

Standard SIP client support

Register up to 5 different IP phone devices

Have them all simultaneously ring when you receive a call (if desired)

Call Pickup

Caller ID

Ring Groups (for a sales team etc)

Call Forwarding and more

Seamlessly add new users


ECLOUD’s Cloud Voice / Hosted IP PABX phone platform brings a feature-rich yet refreshingly simple to use Voice solution to businesses looking to harness the advantages of telecommunications in the cloud. Cloud Voice means that you no longer need to have a physical PBX phone system, completely eliminating the upfront cost of a traditional phone system while also increasing portability and flexibility.

Cloud Voice Extension (Business IP Phone line)

A cloud voice Extension is essentially an IP phone line, with simple features and easy management, at a very affordable price. Generally you’ll need one Cloud Voice Extension per Employee.

Access to Cloud Voice Extension via either one or all of:

A physical IP desk phone (bring your own device, or sold separately)

An IP soft phone client software on your PC or Laptop with a headset

A SIP soft phone client on your Smart Phone.

With Cloud-Based Hosted VoIP, you can:

Save time and money

Instead of building-out or updating phone systems, hosted VoIP eliminates the need to buy equipment, software and licencing, reducing upfront costs up to 60%. Maintenance and updates are included and happen automatically.

Scale Freely

With plug and play capability, cloud based hosted VoIP is a quick, affordable solution to organisational growth. You can seamlessly add phones across multiple locations on the same system to meet rapid business requirements.

Connect Employees

No matter where your employees are located, ECLOUD’s hosted VoIP Phone system services unite them with a single, unified phone system.

Rely on ECLOUD Support

Support you can count on. Our support team is available when you need.

ECLOUD Voice Pricing Summary:

  • Cloud Voice Extension / IP phone line (per employee)

    /per employee

    $10 /mth
  • Local Call

    Calling locally within your area

    2cents /min
  • National Call

    Calling within New Zealand

    3cents /min
  • NZ Mobile Call

    Calling cellphones within New Zealand

    15cents /min

Additional Pricing Summary:

  • 1,000 Local/ National calling Minutes $10 p/month

    1000 Local calling minutes

    $10 p/month
  • 100 NZ Mobile Minutes

    NZ Mobile Minutes

    $10 /mth
  • 1,000 NZ Mobile Minutes

    NZ Mobile Minutes

    $75 /mth
  • Fax-to-email service

    Fax to email (Per Company)

    $10 /mth
  • Audio Conferencing Service

    Audio Conferencing

    $10 /mth
  • 0800/0508 Tollfree number

    Tollfree numbers

    $10 /mth
  • DDIs

    Direct Dial

    $5 each
  • DDIs (block of 10)

    Get 10 DDI's

  • Intl DDI (Australia, UK and US)

    DDI to Australia, UK and US

    $15 p/number
  • Intl Tollfree number – Australia

    Tollfree number to Australia

    $35 p/number
  • Intl Tollfree number – USA

    Tollfree number to America

    $25 p/number

All pricing excludes GST and needs to be confirmed at time of order.