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ECLOUD hosted email solutions save time and money. The in house IT department is changing. Emails running on an internal in house email Server will cost your business more time, more money, and more hassles. In 2014 and 2015 most organisations will move their email services to a Cloud based hosted solution.
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IT Security Services for your local Network

With more services moving to the Cloud local networks are required to be secured with internet gateway Firewalls and local Anti-virus software on local machines to comply with Cloud access standards.

Security Firewall Benefits:

Protecting your local network from Malware/Virus attacks and intruders is a paramount concern for businesses across the world. Our security solutions are the best of breed and our specialist Engineers can setup security on your network to give you peace of mind. These solutions can also be monitored to keep everything up to date and working correctly.

Protecting your local network Intrusion prevention and access control.

Remotely access the network remotely access your network through secure Cloud VPN services.

Application Control Our multi-layered security technology goes beyond the traditional port blocking protection of existing firewalls and incorporates the latest advances in application threat detection and management.

Security Zone Segment your network into separate functional areas

Network AV and Anti Spyware The broadening use of social media, messaging and other, non-work related applications introduces a variety of vectors that can be used to propagate viruses, spyware, worms and other types of malware.

File Filtering Controls the flow of a wide range of file types by looking deep within the payload to identify the file type

Intrusion Prevention A rich set of intrusion prevention features blocks known and unknown network and application-layer vulnerability exploits from compromising and damaging enterprise information resources.

ECLOUD Security Pricing Summary

  • SonicWALL Security/Firewall Appliance

    3+ user network (One off cost plus installation and annual licence.)

    $799 + GST
  • SonicWALL Security/Firewall Appliance

    7+ user network (One off cost plus installation and annual licence.)

    $1,499 + GST