Managed IT Services - ECLOUD
ECLOUD hosted email solutions save time and money. The in house IT department is changing. Emails running on an internal in house email Server will cost your business more time, more money, and more hassles. In 2014 and 2015 most organisations will move their email services to a Cloud based hosted solution.
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Next-generation Cloud Managed Services for Business.

Alerts for critical IT issues – Servers, workstations and laptops

Inventory and uptime reports

Service level agreements and monthly reports on the status of your network

Self healing and automation installation/updates

Critical updates and security patches installed regularly

Maintenance – weekly and monthly routines for optimum performance

Anti-virus and Anti-malware updated, protected and monitored


ECLOUD Managed Services from the Cloud is an IT Support platform that services, alerts and reports on Server/Network integrity and activity plus it automatically maintains workstations and laptops through weekly maintenance procedures, reports on backup success and failures and much much more.

IT Management Benefits:

Monitoring and maintaining your IT systems is essential to a smooth running organization. Ensuring you have up to date Anti-virus, Microsoft security patches and malware security updates is just one of the many benefits of running IT management software on your machines.

IT Management Business Reporting

Asset Management

IT Configuration Management

Cloud, Network, and Machine Monitoring

Mobility Management

Cloud Application Administration

Security Management

Backup Recovery

Management Platform

ECLOUD Managed IT Pricing Summary: (pricing starts from)

  • Workstation/Laptop Management (per machine)

    Per Machine

  • Cloud Server Management (per server)

    Per server

  • Cloud Mobile Device Management (per device)

    Per device

  • Firewall/Networking Appliance (per device)

    Per device


All pricing excludes GST and needs to be confirmed at time of order.