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ECLOUD hosted email solutions save time and money. The in house IT department is changing. Emails running on an internal in house email Server will cost your business more time, more money, and more hassles. In 2014 and 2015 most organisations will move their email services to a Cloud based hosted solution.
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Fast, anywhere access solutions for Business

A disaster – it could be natural, a hardware failure on a critical server, data theft, or an employee accidentally deleting a document. Whatever it maybe, you need to protect your company from data loss.

The Benefits of Standby Servers

Having Servers on standby waiting in the Cloud can enable your business IT systems to be fully operational within minutes of the local systems going down. Because the servers are on standby, you don’t pay the full cost of Cloud Servers so the monthly cost is very affordable. This allows for the benefit of on premise and cloud servers operating together.

Cloud based systems can benefit your business:

Recover systems and data in seconds The recovery is transparent to users.

Test your disaster recovery Using hands-on verification methods

Access your systems from anywhere Fire up the standby systems and you can access your data from anywhere.

Data is stored outside the local region If there is a disaster in your city – your data is stored in 3 locations across NZ.

ECLOUD Security Pricing Summary

  • NZ Standby Server (Pricing from)

    (per month)

    $75 + GST