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ECLOUD hosted email solutions save time and money. The in house IT department is changing. Emails running on an internal in house email Server will cost your business more time, more money, and more hassles. In 2014 and 2015 most organisations will move their email services to a Cloud based hosted solution.
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UFB and VDSL provide businesses with the capability to:

Voice over IP services

run your office phone system in the cloud!

Video conferencing

Conference in full HD with no interruptions with no disruptions to others on the office network.

Connect to Cloud Email

Easily and seamlessly.

Send and receive large files

outside the organization without bogging down the network.

Do online backups

from your work to your data centre utilising the fast upload speeds of VDSL and UFB.

Run VPN services

that work for remote desktop etc.


ECLOUD’s fast internet connections enable businesses to take advantage of Cloud computing solutions. With more and more Cloud services readily available that are reliable and affordable, you can transform your business to become more productive and secure by bringing IT strategies in line with business goals and growth plans.

UFB and VDSL Information:

UFB is only available in certain areas across New Zealand. Our solution is to provide a fast VDSL connection until UFB is available and connected to your premises.

VDSL connections come in two options: The first is clothed. Clothed VDSL is a connection that is combined with an existing phone line. This is for businesses who want to keep their existing phone system and phone lines.

The second is naked. Naked VDSL is purely an Internet connection and allows for VoIP (phone lines over the Internet). VoIP phone systems and phone lines can be in house or hosted (Cloud).

Both Clothed and Naked VDSL connections do not include Data. Data is purchased in packages of 100GB, 300GB and 750GB.

On a 12 month term there is no connection charge. There is a $199 charge for no term contracts All pricing excludes GST and needs to be confirmed at time of order.

ECLOUD VDSL Internet Connection Pricing:

  • Clothed VDSL Internet Connection

    Clothed VDSL

    $49 p/month
  • Naked VDSL Internet Connection

    Naked VDSL

    $69 p/month

UFB Internet Connection Pricing:

  • UFB 30mb/10mb Internet Connection

    UFB 30mb/10mb

    $69 p/month
  • UFB 100mb/50mb Internet Connection

    UFB 100mb/50mb

    $89 p/month

Data Plan Packages:

  • 100gb Data


    $25 p/month
  • 300gb Data

    Naked VDSL

    $50 p/month
  • 750gb Data

    Naked VDSL

    $100 p/month

Data Over Usage and installation pricing:

  • Data over usage cost is $1.50 per GB

    Data over usage cost

    $1.50 per GB

Installation and Firewall Router options vary depending on site requirements. Pricing excludes GST and needs to be confirmed at time of order.